The beginnings of FOSHH

It all started in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. While meeting with a friend, a woman came up to me and asked if I was selling Ibiza bags. Being intrigued by this question, I started to research these bags. I immediately fell in love with the shapes, colours and patterns, so I started purchasing these bags, with a seller in Aalsmeer. He and I became good friends, while being businesspartners.

I started to ask myself: Where does he buy these bags, and other accessories? Being as curious as I am, I asked him. He told me that he works for a well-known airplane carrier. He followed with the question: "I purchase these accessories in India. Would you like to see for yourself?" I immediately agreed, and my first trip to India was arranged.
I instantly fell in love with the country. I was, and still am, fascinated with the culture, colours and people. India is a incredible country, rich in colourful traditions and different materials.

FOSHH fashion was born!
Like Walt Disney said: "If you can dream it, you can do it!" One of my lifelong dreams is to start my own fashion label. FOSHH prides itself by using beautiful, special and fairly-made materials . All of the materials are one of a kind, some are even vintage! You can actually see and feel the love and thought that was put into the elaborately made materials. This love radiates to the customers, whom we have made very happy with our products.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to chase my dream. Doing what you love, will give you success.

FOSHH, for items that bring some sunshine to your life!

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