FOSSH STORY: The beginning (PART II)

“Can we stop here? Just for a second” I asked my friend. We were
standing in front of a shop with all kinds of bags on the market of
Pahar Ganj. “I really want to look inside!” And so, we did. The shop
had all kinds of bags on display. The one more colorful than the other.
Needless to say, I walked out of that shop, with a big bag, full of bags
and purses.

This moment was a defining moment in the history of FOSHH. With the
purchase of these bags, I saw the potential of selling one of a kind
bags and purses. I put them online, and within no time they were sold.
This could turn in a business, I thought to myself. But with that
thought, more questions popped up in my head. “Are you willing to design
those purses? Are you up to fly half way around the world to oversee
the production process? Are you ready to invest a lot of money, not
knowing where this will lead to?” So ultimately, I decided to put my own
doubts, and doubts of others close to me, to the side, and trust my gut
feeling. Two years later I’m living my dream.
I’m glad that I trusted my own instincts. You never know what will
happen in the future, so why not take that leap of faith? I was able to
turn my hobby turn in to something profitable, without getting the
feeling that it’s work. Two years in, I still have the same feeling as I
did, starting this journey. And it feels good. That’s why the slogan
of this company is: #dowhatyoulove.

In a next post, I’ll tell you more over my adventures in India, the ups
and the downs.

Write to you later,

FOSHH STORY: The beginning (PART I)

My love and
appreciation for India started in 2015. This country will always have a special
place in my heart. Why, you ask? India is colorful, in more ways than one.  The colors, flavors and vibes you experience,
can be overwhelming at times, but in time you’ll grow to love it.

In April of 2015 I met someone, who over time, became
one of my closest friends. He works at a airline, based in Amsterdam. The first
time he asked me to join him on a trip to India, I was shocked. Without
thinking, I agreed to fly with him. This happened in June of 2015. I was
excited for my first trip to India.

Even though it was a stay of just 24 hours, I was
ecstatic. In those 24 hours, I’ve seen just a tiny part of Delhi. After a short
night’s sleep, we explored a few markets. At first he told me the names of
those markets, but those names didn’t ring a bell. I mean, Pahar Ganj,  Lanpath Nagar and Chandi Chowk are not names
that sounded familiar.  But arriving
there, I could understand why he took me to those markets.

All those vibrant colors, the foreign scents, the
climate, it was all very overwhelming. Visiting these kinds of markets will
totally immerse you in the Indian culture. I’ve spoken to some of the merchants
at these markets. Building a network and establishing connections are essential
for starting any business.

The culture is very different from here in the West.
And by very different, I mean VERY different. Don’t be surprised if you see
people spitting on the street, going to the bathroom in other places than in
the bathroom. Cows are considered holy, so they can walk anywhere you like,
even on the streets, which can cause slowing of traffic, or even traffic jams.
Things we consider odd or even weird, are normal behavior. This can cause a
great culture shock.

All in all, this was a wonderful opportunity to
experience life in India. I’d recommend Delhi, if you’d like to immediately be
immersed in a very different and colorful culture!

In a next post, I’ll tell you all about the starting
point of FOSHH.

Write to you


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